Irontech 150cm Ada Realistic Charming Lady Real Sex Doll for Men Life Like Love doll

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Irontechdoll Highlights:

1.Soft realistic but tough skin for durable use;

2.Great anti-pressure performance and pressure hints self-recovering capability;

3.Flexible lifelike but tough skeleton;

4.Soulful creation with great focusing on lifelike details;

5.Manipulating friendly.

Naughty Ada has stolen your shirt again! Gorgeous Ada is voluptuous and cheeky, will you punish her for stealing your shirt? Or will you slip it off her and slip into one of her waiting holes?

Ada is 5ft 4 (163 cm) tall and has a gorgeous body measuring 37.5-21-34 inches (70-53-85.5 cm) that is svelte and feels amazing against and around you. The only thing this realistic sex doll can’t do for you is iron that shirt!

Choose from a selection of silky wigs, pretty eyes, removable or fixed vagina, standing feet and pubic hair, to make your Irontech Ada sex doll one of a kind.

Doll Measurements:


Breast line: 70cm


Waistline: 53cm

Hip line:85.5cm

Shoulder width: 34cm

Thighline: 48cm

Calfline: 28cm

Arm Length: 56cm

Leg Length:78cm

Feet Size: 21.5cm