Thanks for the heads up on the forum. We source all our products directly from the factory's and buy in bulk, do check our blog to see factory photos. Manufacturers like listing this website on their website as we sell according to RRP.

We are in the process of reshooting our girlfriend range.

You can always request warehouse photos or photos prior to dispatch this way you can see if this is the right doll for you. You can always cancel the order for full money back guarantee. 

To clarify: updated (11/09/2020) 14:35pm

Firedoll comes with a quick release M16 Connector, in our next shippment we have asked them to include both Quick Release and standard M16 Connector.

We own https://www.lucidtoys.com/, https://www.lucidtoys.de/ and http://sexfundolls.com/. We do not own or work with any other company. We have noticed bulk orders from multiple customers but we dont know if they are reselling the goods.

6YE Standing Questions: We can convert the 6YE into standing just require us to screw 6 screw in. If you need her standing simple email/call or chat and let us know.

captainrock: JY has two 148cm Body we one of the type in stock sku# 155047 will give you 25% off and you can compare with what you have.

Esjayell: Racy Range = Irontech new stock arriving on the 15th of September.

Amydoll: Warehouse is big 22,000 SQft come check it out.

shamus: Nothing is seconds all new brands new stuff.

PDutus: Have you decided on the body? (Replied by email)

john4980: We spoke to the warehouse lads and they confirmed that they asked you if you wanted the labels to be removed. You were in a hurry and i believe this is where things went wrong. Our labels only say Torso or Body, and the text is quite small. They box does not say "Sex Dolls".

shybob: We reply to 100% emails, we are on chat/phone 9am-6pm Monday to Friday. (It could be our emails are being blocked)

algaeholics: we have 4 dedicated server, maybe you can help us resolve this problem.

Seth: Please provide links and allow us to fix the matter. Its simple call/email or chat, life can be simple if you want it to be. (Fixed the spec and Photos) Kudos for that. Problem raised at 1:15pm, resolved it by 1:40pm. 25 mins take to correct the mistake. Things we did in 25 mins contacted the manufacture 9:30pm in China, contacted our QC Team, IT and Graphics team.

Amydoll: Sorry for this please, kindly let us know via the forum or chat and we will get this problem looked into.