Our customers’ satisfaction is extremely important for us, which is why we offer a 30-day return policy for our dolls, in case you’re not happy with your purchase. However, before returning your doll, please read and understand the following steps:

1. The doll needs to be sent back in resealable condition. This means that we cannot accept used items back, there must be no marks or cuts on the surface of the doll and it should be sent back in the original packaging.

2. The doll must be securely packed (use bubble wrap and please make sure that the box is properly closed). We are not liable if the doll gets damaged in transit due to bad packing or handling.


3. We can arrange a collection directly from your address using our delivery service (DPD). We will set a time and a date that works best for you. Please make sure that the item is prepared for the collection by the time the courier is supposed to pick it up. The cost of this service is £80. You can try sending it yourself but usually, this is more expensive and causes a lot more problems in returning items.


4. Please keep in mind that, before we dispatch your doll, we are carefully inspecting it in a dust-free environment, taking pictures of every part of the body. Once the doll is returned, we will inspect it, note down any faults and compare the product we received with the images we took before dispatching it.


5. If the product has not been used and there are no visible faults with the doll, we will proceed to offer you a refund. This might take 3-5 working days to process.


6. If there are problems with your doll, we will contact you and explain the situation. Also, we will proceed to return the doll to you, as it is not in resell-able condition.