System JO H2O Flavored Water-Based Lubricant Cookies and Cream 60ml

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Key Features

  • 60ml Cookies & Cream flavour for a blissful oral experience.
  • Water-based & gentle with the skin
  • Contains only plant-sourced glycerin and high-quality ingredients.
  • Light formula, easy to clean and Non-staining.
  • No calories and no sugar added.


Enhance the foreplay! The Flavoured Limited edition range of lubes from JO was designed to improve every sex session, drop after drop.

Water-based and easy to clean, this non-staining & non-sticky lubricant has been formulated using plant-sourced glycerin, providing you with a comfortable glide. No sugar, no parabens and no propylene glycol - just an amazing taste and a zero-calorie treat.

3 mouth-watering flavors, meant to tease your palate while you play with your partner. Take the oral play to a new and delicious level and try all the guilt-free treats: Strawberry Cheesecake, Cookies & Cream, Pumpkin Spice.