Neojoy Hybrid Lubido Water Based Lubricant With Silicone Touch - 50ml Bottle

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Key Features

50ml Hybrid Lubido lube. Water Based formula with a touch of silicone.

Can be safely used with condoms and sex toys. Odourless and silky.

Clear bottle with pump dispenser. Easy to use and lockable.

Long lasting action. Perfect for solo use couple play and massage.

Paraben-free. Latex Safe. Available in 250ml and 50ml bottles.


Lubidos newest paraben free Hybrid lubricant fuses the very best of water based with a touch of silicone synergising a powerhouse of a lube making it the longest lasting in the Lubido® family. Non-staining odourless and ideal to use with sex toys the velvety smooth and creamy nature of the lube only heightens the experience and leaves your skin feeling nourished after use. Once finished simply lock the bottle pump and store away for its next outing. Available in a 250ml easy lock bottle or travel friendly 50ml both with pump clip.