System JO - H2O Lubricant 30ml Watermelon

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Key Features

  • 15 delicious flavors to choose from.
  • No added sugar, no artificial sweeteners, no aftertaste
  • Super long lasting, never sticky or tacky, easy to clean.
  • 100% Latex Safe, compatible with all toys.
  • For delicious foreplay and oral treat.


This 30ml System Jo flavored lubricant is a treat for the tongue. The watermelon flavor is wicked, while the silky smooth finish of this lube makes it a favorite. This lubricant is designed for luxury. It has no aftertaste and no sweeteners and it's latex safe for use with condoms, too. This water-based lubricant tastes as good as it feels and it promises a perfect glide without any sticky residue. This lubricant is great for use with all toys and is designed for prolonged use as it lasts as long as you do. The flavor adds an extra erotic twist to your play, adding more fun to frolics.